Periodic Table #8 - I'm Ashamed to be On This Show



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  Mark Cockrell, Shawn Kibel, Eric Fay, Aaron Butler and Seth Anderson cover all the bases in this week's show: Politics? Check.  Racism?  Check.  Drug Use?  Check.  Male Genitalia?  Check?  Rogue Amish?  Of course!
Cell Phone Stops Philharmonic
Vermin Supreme for President!
Overachieving Student Fails Swimming
Presidential Match Game
Some Things Shouldn't Be Tattooed
Man Attempts to Sell His Son on Facebook
www.anything In Your Future
Is the L.A. Times Racist?
Botched Gubernatorial Pardon Results in Manhunt
Marines Desecrate Dead Bodies
Pepsi's Dissolved Carcass Defense
Mullets Plead "Not Guilty"
Snoop Dogg Uses Drugs.... Who Knew?