Bacon Madness Bracket!!!

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Shawn Kibel
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Bacon Madness Bracket!!!

ROUND 3!!!  "The Final Fat"  The bracket has been updated.  You can view it here:

Bacon Madness Bracket


Use this form to cast your votes in all 8 matchups: 

Bacon Madness Ballot


A short description of (or link to) the bacon-testants:

Bacon Sandwich (with mayo and cheese)

Bacon Burger Dogs

Thick Sliced Bacon 

BLT, made with bacon bread, Baconnaise, and thick cut bacon. (Lettuce and Tomato optional)

Bacon Soda

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Bacon Pizza

Dunkin Donuts "Big and Toasty"

Filet Mignon

Shrimp en Brochette

Bacon Lube


Bacon Baby Formula

Bacon Lip Balm

Bacon Salt Sunflower Seeds

Bacon Envelopes





O.K.  I said I was going to start a bracket on something.  Considering the obvious love of bacon across our network, I thought this was the perfect place to start.  Nominations will be open through March 1st.  I'll fill in the bracket immediately thereafter and we will announce the voting rounds in shows after that.  I'll update information on this forum thread as well.  So, without further ado, start posting your favorite bacon related products, dishes, etc. (anything bacon).  I'll start with this disturbing entry:

Mark Cockrell
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Re: Bacon Bracket

Have to go with the classic bacon sandwich with cheese and mayo.

Shawn Kibel
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Look what I made!

This is the first forum-inspired entry.  My first attempt at Bacon, Burger, Dogs!  Went great with some spicy deli mustard!!  Should definitely be added to the bracket!


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Plain Bacon

Bacon. Plain bacon. Cut just the right thickness, cooked to just the right crispness. Piled high on the side of the plate with the breakfast of your choice. That's my entry:  bacon.


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Favorite bacon derivative: Jokosher. Lovely play on words from Jono Bacon. (get it? Jon No Bacon > JoKOSHER) It's a FOSS program.

(I don't eat much bacon anymore, it's not healthy....)

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a BLT made with:

Bacon Bread

forget the mayo.. baconnaise

thick cut bacon

lettuce and tomatoes optional


wash it down with


and for dessert

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Hmm the good ones are already

Hmm the good ones are already taken.  Bacon dogs are good.

Well here's some of mine.

Bacon Pizza, for those in Dunkin Donuts areas the Big N Toasted, are yummy

Jim Beason
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Bacon Bracket

Two nominees - Filet Mignon and Shrimp Brochette

Both much better because they have bacon in them.

Mark Cockrell
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Filet Mignon

Interesting fact (ok, so maybe it's only interesting to me) about Filet Mignon:  Originally the dish was beef tenderloin wrapped in meat scraps and roasted over an open fire.  The meat scraps were only there to keep the tenderloin from burning, and once the meal was cooked, the scraps were removed and fed to the animals.  Later, someone had the bright idea of using bacon instead of cheap, tough, beef scraps and the world bowed in reverence to him!

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Ballistic BBQ Via Youtube

Probably already knew about this and this is an Old thread but I gotta post it... 2 words... Videos.....


An Cooking With Jack

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